ProjectFreeTV - High quality tv series online free

PFTV is one of the most beloved streaming platform, being visited by millions of people monthly who are always choosing this site as their favorite source for movies and tv series online HD. It was noticed by the majority of visitors because of the high quality content that is always published here. Project Free TV, even if it's old and there are thousands of other streaming sites created in the following years after PFTV was born, it is still one of the most trusted sources for online movies and shows and that says a lot.

The story of ProjectFreeTV

ProjectFreeTV has been created nearly 10 years ago which means it is one of the oldest streaming platforms in the world. We have created it with a mindest probably just like any other streaming site at that time. We were passionate about films and we wanted to create a place where everybody can watch their favorite movies and series online free. At that time there were no Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or other premium platforms and the only alternatives where to watch on Tv or go to cinema and that wasn't possible very often. PFTV started like a small streaming website but we had the perfect timing somehow. Why? From unknown reasons, a big streaming site from that time was closed just a few weeks after we've released ProjectFreeTV. Suddenly, millions of people were left without their main source of movies and tv shows and they were looking for a good alternative. They discovered our website which honestly was a lucky event but our high quality content made them to stay with us for so many years.

ProjectFreeTV in the present

After almost a decade, many of the old fans of ProjectFreeTV are still watching their movies and series for free on this platform. We have progressed a lot in all these years from all points of view. Our database is now bigger than ever, it includes about 60.000 episodes from 2000 tv shows and also almost 15.000 movies in high quality with subtitles. We knew ever since the beginning that it's necessary to offer a big variety of movies and episodes if you want to be an important source of online streaming and we've worked for this target. Even if the first years were rough because we didn't had any previous experience with this kind of sites, eventually we figured out how everything works and successfully managed this project until the point it became the most popular streaming site in the world. Unfortunately, this days ProjectFreeTV is not really as popular as it used to be but that's because overall the streaming industry has gone down, this website still represents one of the most important sources of online entertainment and it's probably the best place that you can choose in order to watch all your favorite movies and series for free.

All the content published on PFTV is available in high quality, Full HD is the best possible quality that you will encounter among the streaming sites. We've observed that many platforms are publishing low quality files and we find this to be very disrespectful for the visitors who are accessing the site in hope they will find something good to watch in good quality. Here on ProjectFreeTV we are never publishing a movie or an episode if it's not at least HD quality even if that means we sometimes have to search for hours just for a specific production. The database of PFTV is well structured because we wanted to make the search process as easy as possible and make sure everybody can easily browse through our big collection. All the movies and series are sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite or Top IMDb. These pages can give you some inspiration in the moments when you don't know what do watch. Also, there are many filters and tags which facilitates the usability of PFTV, such as genres, release year, country, network, actors, director, guest stars and many more. We are hosting one of the biggest collection of movies and series ever seen on a free streaming site and that also required a lot of organization.